During my college days, a journal was my constant companion - a simple, private space for thoughts and memories. As life sped up, this ritual took a back seat. Seeking to revive the habit, I searched for a journaling app that matched the uncluttered intimacy of the old notebooks. None did. Frustration turned to creation: I built ZenJournal, a minimalist's answer to digital journaling.

It breaks away from the mold of traditional journaling apps:

Key Features of ZenJournal

  1. Unified Timeline

    • A centralized log stream that seamlessly merges logging, hashtagging, and searching.
    • Smooth transitions between jotting down thoughts and reviewing past entries, with no distinct separation between tasks.
  2. Instant Entry

    • Launch the app and dive straight into logging or searching, with no hurdles or extra steps.
    • Designed for swift and straightforward interactions, requiring no more than two taps to perform any action.
  3. Discreet Mode for Privacy

    • Effortlessly toggle to a privacy mode that masks entries, enabling personal reflection even in public settings.
    • Share the essence of your journaling without compromising the privacy of your content.
  4. Biometric Security

    • Secure your timeline with TouchID/FaceID.
  5. 10,000ft View with Heatgraph

    • Visualize your journaling patterns and consistency with a 105-day heatgraph reflecting your activity.
  6. Flexible #Hashtags

    • Integrate hashtags organically into your entries without a dedicated field; just include a #hashtag anywhere.
    • Simply tap a hashtag to instantly filter related entries.
  7. Omnipresent Search

    • Start a search with ease by typing '?', fluidly switching from logging to searching and back to reflection.
  8. Effortless Backup and Restore

    • Safeguard the continuity of your journal with straightforward backup and restore functionality.
    • Own your data: unzip the backup JSON file for complete control and the ability to manipulate your logs as you please.
  9. Share to Anywhere

    • Copy or share an entry with a single tap, whether it's a specific moment, an entire day, or sending it to your note-taking app, blog, or beyond.
  10. Dark & Light Modes

    • Default Dark Mode offers a visually comfortable and focus-enhancing setting, with an easily accessible Light Mode for those who prefer it.