Zen Digital Garden




A convention-over-configuration static site generator, eliminating all boilerplate and framework setup, requires no decisions or input from the user, freeing them to focus solely on their content.


Crafted for the neurodivergent minimalist with ADHD/OCD, who can't remember all the reasons why config files can exceed the content.


It is an attempt in answering:

How many steps does it take to publish markdown to a simple static blog with images and links between pages? 10? 20? Why not less than 5?

— Shao | 少蒙 (@randomor) October 14, 2023

With ZenMD, it's now just two steps:

  1. npx zenmd
  2. netlify deploy or whatever static hosting platform.

It transforms the following @randomor folder into the dist folder and properly link between them.

├── @randomor
│   ├── WonderWeave Press.md
│   ├── assets
│   │   └── digital_garden.webp
│   ├── index.md
│   ├── posts
│   │   └── index.md
│   ├── zenjournal.md
│   └── zenmd.md
└── dist
	├── assets
	│   └── digital_garden.webp
	├── index.html
	├── posts
	│   └── index.html
	├── sitemap.xml
	├── wonderweave-press.html
	├── zenjournal.html
	└── zenmd.html

How is it different?

Started looking around, yet, no tool does this combination of things:

ZenMD fills the gap above, and also opens up a few interesting workflows:

What is this good for?